Maintenance Report 01/31/2018


Pump and booster running times are averaging 2 hours per day ov~r the last month.
Standing water levels have not changed over the last few month with 62~feet at well one,
40-feet at well 2, and the horizontal well is producing 7.5 Gallons per mmute.


One service valve leak was reported on Oak, the source of the leak was a broken tee that
had two service valves connected to it. So we replaced the tee and upgraded the two
service valves at this location. We also rebuilt the two-inch standpipe hydrant on Oak
Court and replaced the valve that operates this hydrant. This standpipe is needed at this
location because we have a dead end here and we need to keep this water main flushed.
We completed work on the 2-inch standpipe on the main that runs from Cedar down to
Sugar Pine Circle. This standpipe serves as a flushing point for this water main and is
necessary to keep the water quality good. The system main isolation valves were all
exercised and the hydrants flushed, all are in pretty good shape. All of the backflow
prevention devices connected to our distribution system have been tested and certified as
working properly. We did have two failures and those devices were repaired and
certified as working. I had Brad from Legend Pump and Well Service up to do our semi
annual routine maintenance on our pumps and boosters. The pumps and boosters are all
running well and within specifications. I did have Brad replace the packings on the
booster# 1 shaft because the old packing was failing and leaking. We had a leaking twoinch
valve on the horizontal well line at the 210,000-gallon tank and that was repaired. I
had a service isolation request at 5905 Robin Oak. Someone had removed our box at this
location, installed a small box that prevented our access to the second service valve
located in this box. So we removed the small box and installed a standard size company
box, isolated water service for plumbing repairs, and restored water service once repairs
were completed. I had one emergency call at 5866 Robin Oak, to isolate water service
pending plumbing repairs. Service was restored once repairs were completed. I was
advised that a layer of road base was going to be installed on Pine, which would result in
our main isolation valves covered by about 3-inches of material. I ordered valve can
sleeves, located the four isolation valves that were covered, we installed the sleeves,
brought the valve cans up to grade level and painted the valve can lids. I have installed
fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank of the generator and have run the generator a few times and
it is running fine. I have been keeping well one flushed for water sample collection and
did put it online for a few days to operate the pump, total water used from well one over
the last few months was a bit more then 240,000-gallons. This pump is running well. I
got a complaint from a lot owner on Cedar indicating that while working on Cedar last
year dirt and rock were piled up blocking what used to be an access driveway. So I had
David go over there with his backhoe and clean it up so the property owner can have
better access to her property.