Meeting Minutes 07/25/2018

Frank reported that the Company Articles of Incorporation have been recorded with San Bernardino County. Frank reported writing a letter to the property owner as well as the listing agent regarding the company’s position regarding well drilling. Todd Richard reviewed the letter and suggested one change. Frank said he would make the requested change and

Maintenance Report 08/29/2018

Pumps and Booster Pump and booster running times are averaging 5.8 hours per day over the last month, which is normal for this time of year. Standing water levels have changed over the last month with 70-feet at well one, 48-feet at well 2, and the horizontal well is producing 6-Gallons per minute. System Maintenance

Proposed Water Conservation Plan Update 2018

The Glen Martin Mutual Water Company board of directors is planning to update the water conservation plan’s restrictions and fee structure to following: [PDF] GMMWC Proposed 2018 Click the link above to access the proposed conservation plan. We would like to hear shareholders’ input on the proposed changes at this year’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on

Tentative Tract Map

As information for our shareholders, we have provided this detailed map of the proposed residential tract on Mountain Home Creek Road: AO ACREAGE TENTATIVE TRACT MAP.pdf This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open, available free here.

2017 Annual Water Production Report

Robinson Well #1 Well Pump: 240,856 gallons; 13.2 hours running Booster Pump: 22,434,614 gallons; 1,016 hours running Average Standing Water Level: 50 feet Mountain Home Canyon Well #2 Well Pump: 22,956,494 gallons; 1,310 hours running Average Standing Water Level: 30 feet Horizontal Well #3 Flow Meter: 4,410,739 gallons Average Flow: 8.39 gallons per minute Total