Maintenance Report 08/29/2018

Pumps and Booster

Pump and booster running times are averaging 5.8 hours per day over the last month, which is normal for this time of year. Standing water levels have changed over the last month with 70-feet at well one, 48-feet at well 2, and the horizontal well is producing 6-Gallons per minute.

System Maintenance

I had three minor leaks over the last month both in 2-inch and 1 Yi inch isolation valves. I tightened up both packing rluts on these valves, but the old valve on Tripp Lane needs to be replaced. We did attempt to isolate this leak and replace the valve, but we have one isolation valve that bypasses water and we will need to use secondary valves to isolate this repair. We will also need to notify people of the water outage when we do this repair and this outage will affect a lot of people. The outage will be a short term outage, maybe two hours at the most. We will plan this one and do the repair once our current project is completed. The third leak is at a service valve on Manzanita Court, its very slight and I will get to this one next week. I have cleared the drain line for booster number one a couple times over the last month and adjusted the packing. We did need to locate our water main isolation valves that were covered with asphalt, cut the asphalt, and expose the valves so we can use them. I did restore water service at 5965 Robinoak after collecting the past due balance on this account of $4,859.08. All other maintenance has been routine and all biological samples have been absent for coliform bacteria.

Frank Haahr, General Manager
Glen Martin Mutual Water Company