Maintenance Report 05/25/2016

Frank reported that pump and booster running times have averaged 2.4 hours per day over the last month. Standing water levels have changed with standing water levels at 40-feet at well one, 20-feet at well two, and the horizontal well is producing 9-gallons per minute. Frank reported no problems with pumping over the last month.

No leaks were reported or found over the last month. Frank reported locating a service lateral at 6011 Spruce and installing a service valve. Frank also reported checking on a leak report at a hydrant in Sugar Pine Circle. Frank explained that in order to determine if the hydrant was leaking the hydrant was isolated and taken out of service for four days. Frank reported that the water did not dry up and in his opinion there may be a problem with the leach field at this location.

Frank reported that Southern California Edison performed pump efficiency testing on our pumps and boosters and determined that our pumps and boosters are running efficiently and in good condition. Frank reported isolating a service lateral in Sugar Pine Circle at the request of a homeowner for plumbing repairs and restoring service once the repairs were complete. Frank reported locating a service box on Pine and advised the customer to locate and replace a pressure regulator that may exist at this location. Frank explained that there is ongoing water pressure issues at this location and believes it is due to a faulty regulator. Frank reported coming up one evening and doing a hydrant training session with Grey Back personnel. All other maintenance has been routine, all biological sarr’lples have been absent for bacteria. Frank advised the Board that he will be in San Diego all day on June 2nd attending a Continuing Education Class.