Board Meeting Minutes 05/25/2016

Old Business


Rob Follett stated that he has emailed the proposed changes to the Board members and suggested that everyone review the proposal for discussion at the next meeting. All present agreed.

Rob Follett made the motion to approve this request. Norman Cione second the motion. All in favor.

Disaster Response Plan

Regis Duncan asked if anyone present had any remarks or suggestions for the revised disaster response plan that he and Frank worked on. Rob Follett indicated that he has reviewed the plan and considers it complete. Rob Follett requested that copies be made and provided to the Fire Station as well as Grey Back. Frank agreed and will have additional copies made.

Subdivision Proposal

Frank reported that he has not received anything new regarding the Company’s proposal regarding the proposed 7-lot development. Frank advised the Board as soon as he gets a reply he will forward the information to the Board members.

New Business

Will Serve Letter Request

Frank presented a letter from the person purchasing a lot on Mountain Home Creek Road requesting a will serve letter for the Board to review and discuss. Frank advised the Board that once this request is granted he will send a preliminary will serve letter to this property owner outlining the requirements to receive water service. After discussion Rob Follett made the motion to approve this will serve letter request. Norman Cione second the motion. All in favor

2016 Project Update

Frank provided a project update for the Board to review. The following is the expense report for the Phase 1 project on Spruce:

Permit $675.00
Materials $5,810.33
Street Saw $93.50
Backhoe Rental $455.00
Labor $1 ,210.00
Total to Date $8,243.83

Frank reported that this total does not include expenses over the last two weeks and Frank will be doing payroll and pay bills at the end of the current month. Frank reported that 280-feet of pipe has been installed. Frank reported that a new isolation valve will be installed, two service connections need to be completed, connection to the existing main needs to be completed, two clean biological sample results, clean up, and paving needs to be done. Frank stated that he believes that this will be the final phase of pipeline replacement on the upper section of Spruce due to the fact that Frank thinks the PVC installed several years ago terminates at the intersection of Spruce and Oak.


Norman Cione made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Rob Follett second the motion. All in favor. Meeting Adjourned at 7:30PM. Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday June 29, 2016, at 6:30PM, at the Fire Station, 5766 Frontage Road, Angelus Oaks, California.