Board Meeting Minutes 01/27/2016

Old Business

Proposed Website

Rob Follett did a website presentation and demonstration and provided cost estimates for setting up and maintaining a website to the Board for discussion.  Rob provided three cost estimates.  Set up cost is about $160.00, and maintenance cost is about $100.00 annually.  Rob recommended going with for the website. After discussion Rob Follett made the motion to proceed with setting up a company website with and selecting Glen Martin Mutual as the domain name.  Jon Kappeler second the motion.  All in favor.

Training Class for Board Members

Frank provided a schedule of classes to the new Board members and advised them to register and complete A Board Ethics Class that is required by State Law. Frank also advised the members that once they complete the class to print the certificate and provide it to him so he can keep it on file. Frank explained that if the County Agency responsible for enforcement of this regulation wants to see that the Board is in compliance he must be able to produce the documents as proof of compliance. Jon Kappeler made the motion that the new Board members register and proceed with completing the required class. Rob Follett second Jon’s motion.  All in favor.

Moratorium Language

Frank advised the Board that the moratorium in Angelus Oaks has been enforce for many years and was adopted by the Board of Directors and is recorded in the Board meeting minutes. Frank also stated that a moratorium advisory is included in preliminary will serve letters. Rob Follett suggested that we develop a written policy document with moratorium language with policy statements included . Frank advised the Board that policy requires that shareholders who wish to build must demonstrate to the company that they are proceeding with building permit applications  and must provide a building plan to the Board of Directors for consideration. Frank also explained that shareholders have one year from the time the will serve letter is issued to begin building or they will lose their water service.

Rob Follett suggested that this issue be rolled over to the next Board meeting.  Frank stated that he would provide more information at the next meeting. Rob Follett suggested instead of calling it a moratorium we might be better off tying it to our water conservation plan . Also discussed developing the number of will serve letters to be issued per year with the number of letters issued to be based on what level of our water conservation plan we are in. Rob Follett suggested having a tiered system of issuing will serve letters based on the current level of our water conservation.  Chris Hannon asked if we have ever gone to a level 4?  Frank stated no, and advised the Board that we have a six level plan and once we get past level three outdoor watering is prohibited.  Frank also explained that level six deals with wildfire situations where people install and run sprinklers on their homes. Frank explained that the fines for this activity are heavy.  Jon Kappeler made the motion to carry this discussion over to the next Board meeting.  Rob Follett second Jon’s motion .  All in favor.

New Business

2015 Income, Expense Report & 2016 Budget

Frank provided a income and expense report as well as the 2016 budget for the Board to review and comment on.  Frank requested if the members have any questions regarding this spreadsheet to give him a call and make arrangements to come into the office to review the report.  Jon Kappeler made the motion to accept the financial report as written.  Rob Follett second the motion . All in favor.

Open Discussion

Regis Duncan suggested the Board review his proposed employee self­ evaluation form for the General Manager.  Regis suggested that Frank evaluate his performance and send the completed form to the Company President and the Board President would then send it to Board members for their comments.  The completed forms would then be sent back to the President to consolidate the reports for evaluation of any salary  increases. Regis stated that this allows the Board to consider bonuses or salary increases without the General Manager having to ask. Regis suggested that this item be on the next meeting agenda for action. All present agreed.

Regis Duncan suggested a review of the disaster preparedness plan for any necessary changes and Board approval.  Rob Follett suggested that a review be completed with the idea of making the plan easier for those using it to understand.  Rob Follett provided a list of phases that need to be incorporated into the plan to make it more effective.  Rob Follett suggested putting this item on the agenda for the next Board meeting. All present agreed.

Frank advised the Board that he had a request for a letter from a shareholder stating that we will provide water for a proposed second livable structure on his lot. Frank advised the Board that he talked with the shareholder and advised him that he could not give him a letter due to the fact that this situation creates a second water service issue.  Frank explained that a will serve letter is for a single residential service connection and not multiple structures.  Frank also stated that this would have to be Board approved and would generate additional water service and capitol improvement assessments.  To be discussed at future meetings if necessary.