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Mandatory water conservation policies are in effect.

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Maintenance Report 04/27/2016

Frank reported that pump and booster running times have averaged 1.65 hours per day over the last month. Standing water levels have changed with standing water levels at 38-feet at well one, 18-feet at well two, and the horizontal well is producing 9.5-gallons per minute. Frank reported no problems with pumping over the last month. No leaks were reported

Board Meeting Minutes 01/27/2016

Old Business Proposed Website Rob Follett did a website presentation and demonstration and provided cost estimates for setting up and maintaining a website to the Board for discussion.  Rob provided three cost estimates.  Set up cost is about $160.00, and maintenance cost is about $100.00 annually.  Rob recommended going with Godaddy.com for the website. After discussion

Maintenance Report 01/27/2016

Frank reported pump and booster running times have averaged 1.6 hours per day over the last month with standing water levels remaining stable. Standing water levels are as follows: 38-feet at well one, 17-feet at well two, and the horizontal well is producing 10.5 gallons per minute which is up from the previous months production.

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Board Meeting Minutes 11/18/2015

Training Class for New Board Members Frank advised the new Board members that a 2-hour training course on board ethics is required by State Law and provided contact information for the Board members to use.  Frank stated that the class can be done online and advised the Board to go to the California Rural Water

Maintenance Report 11/18/2015

Frank reported pump and booster running times are averaging 2.2 hours per day over the last month.  Frank reported that standing water levels have not changed with 38-feet at well one, 17-feet at well two, with the horizontal well producing 8.83 gallons per minute.  Frank stated that there has been a slight decline in horizontal

Board Meeting Minutes 09/30/2015

Reiss Jackson & Company Frank provided copies of the accounting compilation report to the Board for review and discussion. Frank reported that he is still waiting for Mr. Jackson to come up and revise the balance sheet, waiting for the revised tax return as well as the updated property tax information. Discussed was reorganizing the filing